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Finding Background Information


Specialized encyclopedias, dictionaries, handbooks and companions provide a useful starting point to find background information on your topic. 


These reference sources include both print and electronic resources.
Cambridge Ancient History
REF D57.C17 & D57.C172, Stauffer Library, Reference
Chronology of the Ancient World, 10,000 B.C. to A.D. 799
REF D54.5.M45 1994t, Stauffer Library, Reference
Reprinted selections of important literary criticism of the major classical authors.
Encyclopedia of Greece and the Hellenic Tradition
REF DF757.E53 2000, Stauffer Library, Reference
Encyclopedia of Women in the Ancient World
REF HQ1127.S25 2001, Stauffer Library, Reference
Larousse Encyclopedia of Ancient and Medieval History
REF D59.L33, Stauffer Library, Reference
The Oxford Companion to Classical Civilization
REF DE5.O92 1998t, Stauffer Library, Reference
The Oxford Encyclopedia of Ancient Greece and Rome offers a comprehensive overview of the major cultures of the classical Mediterranean world—Greek, Hellenistic, and Roman—from the Bronze Age to the fifth century CE.
Includes The Oxford Companion to Classical Civilization, The Concise Oxford Companion to Classical Literature, Who's Who in the Classical World, and The Pocket Oxford Latin Dictionary.
Multi-volume set which is the standard scholarly German work that covers all fields within classical studies. Entries written by specialists, with extensive bibliography.


The Library has various Blackwell Companions to the Ancient World available both in print and electronically. For example:

A Companion to Ancient Egyptian Art

A Companion to the Classical Greek World, DF214 .C58 2006, Stauffer Library

A Companion to the Etruscans

A Companion to the Roman Empire


Dictionary of Ancient History, REF DE5.D53 1994t, Stauffer Library

The Oxford Dictionary of the Classical World

Oxford Classical Dictionary

Oxford Dictionary of Byzantium


The Oxford Handbook of Animals in Classical Thought and Life

The Oxford Handbook of Greek and Roman Art and Architecture

Handbook to Life in Ancient Greece, REF DF77.A35 1997, Stauffer Library, Reference