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GPHY 327 Geographical Imaginations

Geographical Imaginations


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Francine Berish
(on academic leave until Dec 31, 2023)

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Getting Started in Omni

Omni offers enhanced discovery and delivery of information resources at Queen's, our partner institutions, and beyond. Implementation of this tool involved collaboration among 18 Ontario partner university libraries.  Please contact your subject librarian for a consultation on advanced research approaches within your discipline.

Please note: Omni times out after 30 minutes of inactivity, resetting itself to the default search page. 

To work from off-campus, log in to the Off-Campus Access link on the library homepage. This is the gateway to full-text library content. The Omni Sign in link below is to manage your account and enable access to full text if you haven't already logged in. If you search Omni and click a link to an online resource without Off-Campus login, you will be prompted to give your NetID.

Sign in first to:

  • Update your profileSign in for more options.
  • Check loans and requests
  • Renew materials
  • Identify loanable resources
  • View your search history
  • Access Favourites
  • Create alerts

What is in Omni?

Access to multiple formats including books, articles, videos, maps, government documents, music, data sets, open access materials, and more. You can discover materials that are not available at Queen's (excluding e-books) but that you can freely request either within Omni or through interlibrary loan.

When to use Omni?

You want to find:

  • Background information 
  • Several articles to get started
  • An exact book or article title
  • Various formats (e.g. books and newspapers)
  • Sources on an interdisciplinary topic 
  • Local and/or unique resources

If you find it difficult to narrow your results, consider using a disciplinary database as recommended in the subject-specific Research Guides.   

Search Operators

Boolean logic

 e.g. If you type Canada AND election, you will find documents that contain both keywords.

Quotation marks

 e.g. If you type "human rights" in quotation marks, you will find documents that contain this phrase.


e.g.   If you type Canad*, you will find documents that contain the words Canada, Canadian, canadienne...


e.g. If you type wom?n, you will find documents that contain the words woman and/or women.

Operators may vary from database to database: consult specific database help pages for more information.
Most databases ignore certain common words -- articles, conjunctions and prepositions -- such as the, a, of, for, but...