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Anti-Black Racism Reading List

A selection of resources on the topics of anti-Black racism and violence in Canada, Black resistance, race and health equity, and educating against anti-Black racism.

Book covers featured in this guide

This is a selection of resources available at Queen's University Library and beyond, on the topics of anti-Black racism and violence in Canada, Black resistance, race and health equity, race and the Canadian legal system, and educating against anti-Black racism. These categories are not mutually exclusive, as the histories of Black life, discrimination, and resistance are rich and complex. 

In addition to popular and scholarly books, this guide also highlights online videos, podcasts, blogs, webinars and resources for educators. 

The resources and wording in this guide have either been added by us or adapted from Canadian library guides including:

We welcome your suggestions and recommendations for additions to our collection. You can either contact your Subject Librarian directly, or fill out our Recommend a New Collection Acquisition form.