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Arts Management & Leadership

Background Information

The Arts Management Handbook by Meg Brindle; Constance Devereaux (Editor)

Includes: Performing and Visual Arts Management, Arts Management Education and Careers, and Arts Management: Government, Nonprofits, and Evaluation. Chapter on grants and raising money in the arts.

Finding Books

Search Omni for books, journals, and media. Subject headings to search in Omni:
Art, Black--Canada
Art museums--Management
Art patronage
Arts--Economic aspects
Cultural industries--Political aspects
Culture--Economic aspects
Culture and law
Cross cultural orientation

Cultural industries--Economic aspects
Event management
Government aid to the arts
Intercultural communication
Nonprofit organizations--Finance
Nonprofit organizations--Management
Nonprofit organizations--Marketing
Performing arts--Management
Proposal writing for grants

Arts and cultural leadership: Creating sustainable arts organizations

Co-leadership in the arts and culture : sharing values and vision

Arts Management Network includes a directory of current publications in arts management. Examples in Omni:

Access, diversity, equity and inclusion in cultural organizations : insights from the careers of executive opera managers of color in the U.S.

Managing arts organizations (2023) - on order.

Arts management: Uniting arts and audiences in the 21st century (2022)

Orchestra management handbook: Building relationships in turbulent times

Marketing & Managing the Arts

Byrnes, W. J., & Brkić, A. (2020). The Routledge companion to arts management. I. history and evolution II. entrepreneurship, change processes, and leadership III. global cultural policy, cultural rights, and community building IV. marketing, planning, increasing diversity, hiring, fundraising, and sustainability. 

Damodaran, A. (2022). Managing arts in times of pandemics and beyond.

Newton, T. (2022). Orchestra management handbook : building relationships in turbulent times.  

Reid, W. (2023). Co-leadership in the arts and culture : sharing values and vision  

Rhine, A., & Pension, J. (2022). How to market the arts : a practical approach for the 21st century

Rosewall, E. (2022). Arts management : uniting arts and audiences in the 21st century.

Stein, T. S., (2022). Performing arts management : a handbook of professional practices.