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The Bluest Eye and Beasts of No Nation

Finding Bibliographies

Bibliographies are useful for finding the most important publications on a given topic and can range from the general to the specific. There are often specialized bibliographies on individual authors, genres, topics and periods. 

To find bibliographies in Omni, search by keyword by typing bibliography or reference guide and topical keyword.

"african americans" and bibliography

Or search the subject heading and scroll down to the sub-heading bibliography if available.

African American women in literature--Bibliography
American fiction--African American authors--Bibliography
American literature--African American authors--Bibliography
American literature--African American authors--History and criticism--Bibliography
American literature--Women authors--Bibliography
Racism--United States--Bibliography
Poverty United States Bibliography  

Bibliographies like Oxford Bibliographies offer authoritative research guides helping you to narrow the vast number of citations to the best scholarship on a given topic.

Check the research guides: African American Studies, American Literature and Literary and Critical Theory as well as as well as specific essays on Toni Morrison, War (section on child soldiers) and The Lynching of Emmett Till to name a few.