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Cory Laverty

Journals of interest


Clavier Companion

Contemporary Keyboard (continued by Keyboard)

Early Keyboard Journal

International piano (citations, not all fulltext)

Keyboard (print: 1982-2015)

Keyboard (electronic: 2002-2006)

Piano & Keyboard

Piano Quarterly

Call Number Ranges for Piano

Piano music

Solo piano
M20 - M32

  • M21 - M22 (collections)
  • M23 Sonatas
  • M24 Suites
  • M25 General pieces
  • M26 (1 hand)
  • M27 Variations
  • M28 Marches
  • M30 - M32 Dance music

Piano music, arrangements
M32.8 - M39

Piano music, 4 hands
M200 - M204

Piano music, 4 hands, arrangements
M207 - M213

Piano music, 2 pianos
M214 - M216

Chamber music

Piano trios
M310 - M344 (piano and two other instruments: collections - separate works - arrangements)

Piano quartets
M410 - M449 (piano and three other instruments: collections - separate works - arrangements)

Piano quintets
M510 - M549 (piano and four other instruments: collections - separate works - arrangements)

Piano sextets
M610 - M635 (piano and five other instruments: collections - separate works - arrangements)

Piano with orchestra (Concertos)
M1010 - M1011 (full score - 2-piano reduction)

Piano with string orchestra
M1110 - M1111 (full score - 2-piano reduction)

Bibliography/Repertoire lists
ML128 .P3

Graded lists
ML132 .P3

History/construction of the piano; music and playing
ML650 - ML749 (Subdivided by special periods, region or country, form)

Techniques (studies and methods), teaching pieces
MT220 - MT249

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Floorplan: Stauffer 2nd floor

Items are arranged according to the LIBRARY OF CONGRESS CLASSIFICATION scheme: Class M for Music and Books on music.

Generally, items are shelved alphabetically in author order within each subject class number. Class M (MUSIC) consists of 3 main sections:

  • M - Scores. Scores are shelved in 3 sections, by size: miniature (study scores), regular stacks and oversize.
  • ML - Books on music literature, history and criticism. The BIOGRAPHY/CRITICISM number for composers is ML410. Books are grouped in alphabetical order by the biographee/subject. e.g Bruckner ML410 .B88
  • MT - Books on Music Theory, Teaching/pedagogy or Technique for instrumental/vocal study

Organ and Other Keyboard Resources

Piano Resources