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ENGL 817: Publishing Practicum

Journal Alerts

A journal alert automatically notifies you when new content from a journal is available.

How to Set Up Journal Alerts

  • Go to the Journals page and type in the journal title in the Search box, e.g. American Literature.
  • Choose a link that provides access to current journals, e.g. 2000 to Present in e-Duke Journals Scholarly Collection.
  • Look for a link such as Alerts or Set up Alerts to customize an alert to your email.
Another option is to use a search engine to find the publisher's website and look for a link such as "Alert Services".

Search Alerts

A search alert automatically notifies you when new articles or content meeting your search query (eg. : keyword, subject search, author, etc.) are available.

How To Set Up a Search Alert

  • Go to databases and type in title of database/index, e.g. MLA
  • Conduct a search
  • Look for link on the results page such as "set up alert" or "save search/alert"

Citation Tracking

Citation analysis means tracing citations forward or backward in time, either to judge a paper's importance, or to follow up on a research thread.

Web of Science - do a cited reference search.  For help, go to Web of Science: How to do a Cited Reference Search.

Check our Citation Searching guide to find other databases that have the capability of searching by cited references.