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DEVS 260: Globalization, Gender & Development

Key Indexes

Gender Studies Database
Covers the full spectrum of gender-engaged scholarship. The database indexes scholarly, popular, and internet publications.
An international and interdisciplinary database for the fields of physical and human geography, geology, ecology, and Third World studies, including development studies, ecology, human geography and environmental issues.
Subject focus: economics. Indexes articles from over 750 journals as well as books, dissertations, working papers, and book reviews. For earlier coverage, see Index of Economic Articles.
Indexes articles, books, government documents and more from over 120 countries in the area of business, economics, finance, law, international relations, public administration, government, and contemporary public issues.
Global Health
Information related to human health and communicable diseases, including developing country information.
Provides access to literature in political science, political thought, government and public administration, government process, international relations, and area studies.
Indexes key journals in the political science disciplines and its complementary fields, including international relations, law, public administration, and public policy.
An index to major journals in the social sciences, including demography, cultural, economic, historical and human geography, planning and environmental studies.

Why Use An Index


Use an article index to find journal articles on your topic, as well as other materials.    

Some will contain the full text of journals but if the full text is not readily available, click on Get It Link Icon.

If the "Get It" link does not find anything, don't assume that the Library does not hold the item.  A search in Omni for the title of the journal (or book) might find the title.. 

If clicking on a full text link does not take you directly to the article, you will need to navigate to get the article you want - depending on the resource provider

Evaluate Articles

Articles are important in your research as they contain the most-up-to-date research in a given field and often focus on a particular aspect of a topic.

But not all journal articles will be useful for your essay so you will need to evaluate before you use them. 

Consult our guide, Distinguishing Scholarly from Non Scholarly Periodicals, to discover the difference.

Featured Journals