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Ebooks at Queen's

Finding Ebooks

Queen's University Library gives you access to thousands of ebooks. On this page you can read about four ways to find ebooks at Queen's:

  1. Omni search
  2. Subject guides
  3. Search ebook publisher platform

Omni Search

Omni lets you find ebooks by searching the entire Library collection by keyword. Enter your keywords and use the filters shown below to limit your search results to just ebooks. Go to Omni now!


Enter keywords into the main search box on the library's home page


Narrow your search results using the Available online and Books and eBooks filters.

Subject Guides

Subject guides may contain links to subject-based ebook collections that can be searched individually. Go to our Research Guides page, select the 'Subject' tab, and then select a subject and a guide. 



Search Ebook Publisher Platform

Searching a specific publisher's platform will allow you to find ebooks published by just that publisher.  This will allow you to find the newest and most up-to-date ebooks by that publisher, which may not yet be available in Omni.  To access a specific publisher's platform, go to the Queen's Library homepage, click Databases, and type the publisher name or platform name in the Find a Database field. 


Selected the Databases link to search for a database resource