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GEOE 410: Geological Engineering Field School

Government Survey Sites

GEOSCAN Database Canadian resource

Comprises more than 45 000 records of publications released by Canada Centre for Remote Sensing (CCRS) or Geological Survey of Canada (GSC) authors.  (more info)

GeologyOntarioCanadian resource

Search for digitized maps and reports, including:
  • Assessment Files (1940's onward).  These are results, reports and maps completed by prospectors and mining companies working on Crown land.
  • Ontario Geological Survey Publications, including > 6000 reports and > 8000 maps. 
  • Abandoned, Inactive Mine Site and Mine Hazards 
  • Ontario Drill Hole Database
  • Mineral Deposit Inventory Database

Note: keyword searching is possible in the pdf versions of the Assessment Files and the OGS Publications.

The Atlas of Canada - Toporama

Use the Atlas of Canada to locate NTS (National Topographic Survey) gridlines.  In the Map Layers and Legend(s) legend, make sure that grids (NTS/Lat Long/UTM) is one of the themes checked.  In the GeologyOntario database, it may be useful to search by NTS instead of keyword, especially since there may not be a keyword search function.

Search Google for Government Information

Parliament Hill



Canadian Federal, Provincial and Municipal Government Documents Search

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