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HLTH 402: Disability Issues, Research & Policy


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Michele Chittenden

Welcome and Overview


This guide will help you begin your research for HLTH 402: Disability Issues, Policy and Research. It includes information on how to find scholarly journal articles and grey literature and provides links to other resources that might be useful for your assignment. 

Getting Started:

  • Background Information: Use reference resources to provide you with overviews of your topic and recommended reading from subject experts in the field.
  • Research Questions: Learn how to formulate research questions and refine your topic. Discover different research question frameworks.
  • Identifying Key Concepts and Search Terms: Learn how to use Boolean operators to maximize the efficiency of your searches. Learn about truncation, phrase searching, generating keywords and MeSH headings.

Using Omni: Tips, basic and advanced search strategies.

Finding Articles: Search multidisciplinary databases such as Omni and discipline-specific databases to locate scholarly peer-reviewed journal articles on your topic. 

Grey Literature: Learn how to locate and evaluate grey literature.

Evaluating & Citing Sources: Links to APA citation style help guides and guidance on evaluating sources.

Research Skills Toolkit Workshop