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Italian Studies


Primary source material is a key part of historical research. A primary source is a document in which an event is described by its witnesses. Some examples are: diaries, letters, speeches, letters, interviews, newspapers, autobiographies, official records including government documents, pamphlets, photographs, films, art, novels, music, furniture, clothing, buildings, and jewelry.
A secondary source interprets and analyses primary sources. Secondary sources are one step removed from the event. Some examples are: textbooks, journal articles, histories, criticism, commentaries and encyclopedias.
Searching Omni:
To find books by a particular author/person, search by author:
‚ÄčEco, Umberto
To find books on a topic use a Keyword search, think of the focus (or key) words that describe your topic. Combine Boolean Operators such as OR, NOT to expand/refine your search. Use quotations for phrases.  You may also choose to do an Advanced Search in Omni (with the same results). 
"Italian literature" medieval
"Italian drama" Pirandello