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Journal Publishing Guide

Welcome, student publishers!

Whether you are new to the world of scholarly publishing or have some experience under your belt, this guide is for you. It will help you navigate the various aspects of creating and managing a student-led journal at Queen's University. You will find useful information on how to:

  • Define or discover your publishing niche by browsing the Student Publication Directory, which lists all the current student-led or supported publications at Queen's University.
  • Connect with library experts who offer support and services related to scholarly communications, publication management, and archiving.
  • Learn more about the publishing process by accessing print and web resources that cover topics such as setting up a journal, selecting a platform, and improving the editorial process.
  • Attend and present at the Inquiry@Queen's Conference, where you can showcase your work and network with other undergraduate students that are passionate about research. 
  • Present your work and get inspired by student journals at other Canadian Universities by attending the Student Journal Forum at the University of Toronto. 

Queen’s University Student Publication Directory

This directory provides a list of the undergraduate, student-led publications at Queen’s. Publications encompass such fields as journalism, natural sciences, social sciences and humanities, business, creative expression, and more. 

If you represent a student publication not listed here and would like to have it added to the directory, or if you would like to request an update to an existing entry, please contact Queen’s Scholarly Publishing Librarian Mark Swartz at

This directory is curated by the Student Publication Caucus of Queen’s University (SPCQU).

A spreadsheet that includes detailed information about each publication, including social media links and emails, is available here: Student Publication Directory Information

Last updated 20 October 2023. 


Student Journals and Conference Proceedings

Zines, Blogs and other Publications

Student Publishing Caucus

The Student Publication Caucus of Queen’s University (SPCQU) is a student-organised body that offers a centralised forum for communication and collaboration among undergraduate student publications. It was founded in October 2023 by Kai Siallagan, Cassidy McMackon, and Asbah Ahmad to address the disjointed culture of student publishing at Queen’s. The Caucus is the first of its kind at the undergraduate level in Canada.

Current initiatives include the creation of the Student Publication Directory, increasing student journals’ physical presences on campus, developing lasting dialogues with Queen’s Libraries and Archives, and beginning to engage with other Canadian universities’ analogous student initiatives to foster undergraduate student publication across the country.

If you represent a student publication not party to the caucus, please reach out to the Caucus Chairs via email. Contact information can be found below. The Caucus is currently drafting a charter outlining its vision, mission, and overall mandate.

Chair Contact Information, SPCQU 2023-2024

Kai Siallagan (Queen’s Journal of Ethnic and Racial Studies; Collective Reflections):

Cassidy McMackon and Asbah Ahmad (The Queen’s Journal):

SPCQA Meeting Agendas