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Protecting your work

As a researcher and author, you have an interest in protecting your work. This section of our research guide discusses how you can protect your ownership of your work, and protect your work from misuse or predatory publishers.

  • Predatory publishers - This section of the guide discusses predatory publishers, including what they are, why a researcher might not want to be associated with them, and some methods for identifying predatory publishers.
  • Copyright - Copyright is a large consideration when it comes to publishing your work. This section of the guide introduces copyright and explains how many journals may require authors to assign their copyright over to the journal in a publication agreement. Some resources are provided to demonstrate what a publication agreement might look like, and how an author could negotiate to retain their copyright over their work.
  • Creative Commons licenses - Creative Commons (CC) licenses are a model of licensing that allows copyright owners to decide how a work can be used, reused, and modified by others. This page introduces CC licenses, discusses how they can be applied, and provides links to some helpful resources.