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Options for Searching Scripture

Perhaps the most unique feature of the ATLA database, "Search by Scripture" helps you locate articles on various Bible verses or passages. There are different ways to accomplish this.

Option 1. The Scriptures tab is located on the top of the ATLA window. Selecting the tab will open a listing of the ATLA Hierarchical Scripture Authority. This allows you to drill down within a book to the extent necessary. 

At any level of the hierarchy, clicking on the heading will generate the search. For example, a search on the Book of Genesis 1:1 generated this search:

Option 2. The Indexes tab is also at the top of the ATLA window but is buried beneath the "More" drop-down menu. This option is preferably if you want to search for a specific scripture passage.

Under "Browse Index" select the Scripture Citation Index. Then enter as many details about the Book, Chapter and first Verse of the passage you want to search. "Add" the term to your search, then "Search" to execute. The results will display as follows: