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RELS-239: Religion and Sport

There are a number of decent checklists that have been developed to help you evaluate websites. One of these checklists, the CRAAP Test, was developed by Meriam Library (California State University, Chico). It delivers a list of questions to help you evaluate the information you find.

For a useful CRAAP worksheet, refer to the rubric (pdf included below) developed by Central Library MCHS. It prompts you to grade a website on each of the CRAAP criteria and will result in a final score that could range between a potentially "highly questionable source" to a "excellent source for research."

URLs In Brief


  • usually indicates a Canadian not-for-profit, government department ( or university/college (


  • domain name originally used for commercial organizations, now it is the standard for 'general use'


  • a U.S.-affiliated university. (Pre-2001, .edu could be used by non-U.S., non-educational institutions)


  • a U.S. government agency or department


  • originally for organizations, it is used for non-profits e.g. (American Cancer Society); non-commercial entities


  • an international organization, office or program endorsed by a treaty between two or more nations


  • an "unrestricted domain"