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RELS-312/812: Christian Feminist Theology


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Gillian Akenson
Joseph S. Stauffer Library, Rm 105-A
(I am in the office but can also meet virtually via Teams or Zoom.)
(613) 533-6000 ext 74526


This guide is intended to support students who are interested in feminist (Christian) theology. Research in this discipline can be challenging so this guide has been developed with the goal of helping students identify relevant resources e.g. books, ebooks, but also how to find them e.g. determining which academic databases should be used to find additional scholarly materials. 

Whereas it is understood that most of us start investigating a topic by searching tools like Google and Wikipedia, it is important to note that there are also limitations. So, acknowledging there is plenty of easy-to-find content, the amount of content can be overwhelming and it can be hard to determine whether the information is authoritative and unbiased (among other things).  It is imperative that you critically evaluate any information you opt to use in your research. If you have questions about a particular resource, please do not hesitate to contact me directly. (My contact information is in the left sidebar.)


The Research Process graphic was authored by Kim Louie, Lumen Learning