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Cory Laverty

Tips for Searching Song Titles

Song Index

Search song title in Omni as Simple Search or Advanced Search (Any field) using quotes around the title

e.g. "il pleure dans mon coeur"

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Navigate the Music Collection

Floorplan: Stauffer 2nd floor

Items are arranged according to the LIBRARY OF CONGRESS CLASSIFICATION scheme: Class M for Music and Books on music.

Generally, items are shelved alphabetically in author order within each subject class number. Class M (MUSIC) consists of 3 main sections:

  • M - Scores. Scores are shelved in 3 sections, by size: miniature (study scores), regular stacks and oversize.
  • ML - Books on music literature, history and criticism. The BIOGRAPHY/CRITICISM number for composers is ML410. Books are grouped in alphabetical order by the biographee/subject. e.g Bruckner ML410 .B88
  • MT - Books on Music Theory, Teaching/pedagogy or Technique for instrumental/vocal study

Biographies of Singers

Find biographies of singers by browsing the 2nd floor Stacks in LC classification ML420, and alphabetically under the singer's name.

Search Omni in Advanced Search mode using the following Subject Headings:

  • Sopranos (Singers)
  • Contraltos
  • Tenors (Singers)
  • Basses (Singers)

Search for terms or concepts in quotes such as:

  • castrati
  • "bel canto"

Call Number Ranges for Voice


Secular vocal music
M1495 - M1998

  • M1495 - M1497 (Collections)
  • M1500 (Operas, musicals - full scores)
  • M1503 (Operas, musicals - vocal scores with piano)
  • M1507 - M1508 (Operas, musicals - anthologies, selections with piano)
  • M1528 - M1529 (Duets, trios, etc. for solo voices and orchestra or other acc.)
  • M1530 - M1610 (Choral music, cantatas, secular)
  • M1611 - M1626 (Songs/Lieder, including ballads, arias, solo cantatas, song cycles, etc.)
  • M1627 - M1980 (National music, special songs,folk songs, etc.)
  • M1630.18 (Popular music collections)
  • M1628 - M1677 (Folk songs and special topic songs of the United States)
  • M1678 - M1679 (Folk songs of Canada - English/French)
  • M1738 - M1747 (Folk songs of the British Isles: England, Wales, Ireland, N. Ireland, Scotland)

Sacred vocal music
M1999 - M2199  

  • M1999 (Collections)
  • M2000 (Oratorios - full scores)
  • M2003 (Oratorios - vocal scores with piano)
  • M2004 - M2007 (Oratorios- excerpts - collections/separate with original or arr. acc.)
  • M2010 - M2014 (Masses)
  • M2018 - M2019 (Duets, trios, etc. for solo voices and orchestra or other acc.)
  • M2102- M2108 (Songs for one voice - collections/separate, orchestral acc.)
  • M2110 - M2114 (Songs for one voice - collections/separate, piano acc. or unacc.)
  • M2115 - M2146 (Hymnals)


Librettos - Texts - Translations
ML48 - ML54.8

Bibliography/Repertoire lists
ML128 .F74 or F75 (Folk music, Folk songs)
ML128 .O4 (Opera)
ML128 .S3 (Repertoire lists, song indexes)
ML128 .V7 (Vocal music bibliography)

Graded lists
ML132 .S6

Vocal Music - History & Criticism
ML1402 - ML3275 (Subdivided by special periods, region or country, form)

Vocal music technique - History

Dramatic music (Opera, incidental music, melodrama, etc.)
ML1700 - ML2100 (Subdivided by special periods, region or country, form - e.g. ML1711, American opera, musicals)

Secular vocal music (Songs - History & Criticism)
ML2500 - ML2881 (Subdivided by special periods, region or country, form)

Sacred vocal music (History & Criticism)
ML2900 - ML3275 (Subdivided by special periods, region or country, form)

Singing and Voice culture - Instruction and Study
MT820 - MT893
MT823 History of vocal instruction and study (see also ML1460, History of vocal technique)
MT825 - MT865 Systems and methods, Special techniques
MT870 Sight-singing
MT883 Pronunciation, diction
MT885 Studies and exercises

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