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Geological Survey of Canada

In 1842, the Canadian government established the Geological Survey of Canada (GSC). The mission of the GSC was to map Canada’s geology, with the goal of producing its mineral resources. The information collected by geologists and engineers over the past 1

Annual Report

This publication continues the "Report of Progress".  Also known as "Annual Report (new series)".

Published 1885-1907.  Published in English (volumes 1-16) and French (volumes 1-12).

Queen's University Library holdings (English)

Example: Annual Report (new series), volume 1, 1885

Published in 1886 with maps 224, 229, 39 other illustrations, and folding sheet of sections.  Accompanied by portfolio containing maps 223, 225, 226, 228, 230, 231 (and also by map 227, issued in 1887 in separate envelope).  Contains the following reports and an index:

  • Summary Report of the operations of the Geological Survey for the years 1884 and 1885.  By A.R.C. Selwyn.
  • Report on a geological examination of the northern part of Vancouver island and adjacent coasts.  By G.M. Dawson.
  • Preliminary report on the physical and geological features of that portion of the Rocky mountains between latitudes 49˚ and 51˚ 30'.  By G.M. Dawson.
  • Report on the Cypress Hills, Wood mountain, and adjacent country, embracing that portion of the district of Assiniboia lying between the International Boundary and the 51st parallel, and extending from long. 106˚ to long. 110˚ 50'.  By R.G. McConnell.