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Geological Survey of Canada

In 1842, the Canadian government established the Geological Survey of Canada (GSC). The mission of the GSC was to map Canada’s geology, with the goal of producing its mineral resources. The information collected by geologists and engineers over the past 1

History of the GSC in 175 Objects

175 objects tells the story of the Geological Survey of Canada and its contributions to the development of Canada since 1842.  This project commemorates the 175th anniversary of the GSC in 2017.  The objects are categorized by:

  • Buildings and Places
  • Equipment and Instrumentation
  • Exploration
  • Fieldwork
  • Government
  • Maps
  • Publications,
  • Rocks, Minerals, Fossils and Meteorites
  • Science Advances

History of the GSC

Interested in the history of the Geological Survey of Canada?  Try these titles...


No Stone Unturned : The First 150 Years of the Geological Survey of Canada by Christy Vodden

Call Number: CA1 MS20 92N57
Publication Date: 1992