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Geological Survey of Canada

In 1842, the Canadian government established the Geological Survey of Canada (GSC). The mission of the GSC was to map Canada’s geology, with the goal of producing its mineral resources. The information collected by geologists and engineers over the past 1


Produced by photo-offset printing from typescript to permit prompt publication of geological information.  May be of any reasonable length and carry maps, figures, and photographs.  They may range from the presentation of accumulated data to highly sophisticated and interpretive reports of progress.  They include the following:

  1. Progress reports on studies that have reached a point where an interim report is justified.  Such reports may be complete and final so far as the status of the investigation permits.
  2. Reports on projects which for economic or scientific reasons deserve immediate treatment in a preliminary manner.
  3. Reports of activities.  Abstract-type reports, of about 2500 words or less.  May include page-size sketch maps or figures drawn by authors and half-tone illustrations.  Issued annually in three parts.
  4. Index of publications.  Annual; includes bibliography of all outside publications.
  5. Abstracts of publications.  Annual; contains abstracts of paper published by staff members in outside scientific journals.