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Geological Survey of Canada

In 1842, the Canadian government established the Geological Survey of Canada (GSC). The mission of the GSC was to map Canada’s geology, with the goal of producing its mineral resources. The information collected by geologists and engineers over the past 1

Report of Progress

These are the original reports of the Geological Survey of Canada.  First published 1845 (for work in 1843).  The title changed to "Annual Reports" in 1885.  These documents are currently being digitized for the GEOSCAN database.


Published from 1845-1884.  No volume numbers. Published in English and French.

Queen's University Library (English holdings)

Queen's University Library (French holdings)


Example: Report of Progress for the year 1843.

The title reads: Message from His Excellency the Governor General, with reports ona a geological survey of the Province of Canada.  Published in English and French, Montreal, 1845. 

It contains the following reports:

  • Remarks on the mode of proceeding to make a geological survey of the Province.  By W.E. Logan.
  • Preliminary report, 1842.  (Giving "a probable sketch of some leading features in Canadian geology.")  By W.E. Logan.
  • Report of Progress for the year 1843.  (Contains a short account of the general geological structure of the eastern and western parts of the Province of Canada in relation to that of the United States, with notes on lithographic stone.)  By. W.E. Logan.
  • On the geology of th district between Georgian bay and the lower extremity of lake Erie, with notes on economic minerals.  With 4 illustrations.  By A. Murray.
  • Appendix.  Section of the Nova Scotia coal measures as developed at the Joggins, on the bay of Fundy, in descending order, from the neighbourhood of the West Ragged reef to Minudie, reduced to vertical thickness.  With 6 illustrations.  By W.E. Logan.

Report of Progress, 1872

Report of Progress, 1872.  Queen's University Library.