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Anti-Racism in the Health Sciences


Scope of Guide:

The goal of this guide is to highlight and provide access to Queen's University Library resources on Anti-Racism in the Health Sciences. We hope to provide researchers and other Queen's University community members with an introduction to anti-racism in health and provide them with a meaningful guide to navigating important library resources on this subject. For more information about Indigenous Health, please see our Indigenous Health LibGuide.



This guide is not exhaustive and is a living document that will continue to be updated when new resources and information becomes available. We would also like to acknowledge that some resources featured within this guide make use of the term "minority/minorities" which suggests a white-centered viewpoint in which diverse groups are considered only insofar as they are 'non-white', thereby disengaging with the cultural, socioeconomic, and overall context of these communities.



The Library seeks to augment the voices from underserved, underrepresented, and marginalized communities by collecting materials written by and for these communities. As such, we encourage readers to provide resource and content recommendations. They can be submitted through the Recommend a New Collection Acquisition form or by contacting Bracken Health Science reference email 



This guide includes adapted information and resources from the following guides; Anti-Black Racism (McGill), Anti-Racism and Medicine (MCPHS), Anti-Black Racism Reading List (QUL-Stauffer). We would also like to thank the EDI Program Manager from the Queen's University Faculty of Health Sciences Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Office for her knowledge and insight during the initial planning stages of this guide.