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ARTH 305: Landscape/Environment in Art and Visual Culture

Finding Books

Keyword Boolean is useful if you don't know a specific author, title or subject heading for your topic. Choose keywords that best describe your topic, then combine with Boolean operators and”, or”, “not for multi- or complex topics.

Narrow or refine search by adding terms:

burtynsky and landscape

lorrain and criticism

Broaden search by using "or between similar or possible terms (nested in brackets), or using the "?" symbol to truncate to the root of a word for variable word endings (e.g. nouns, adjectives, adverbs, singular or plural):

burtynsky and landscape?

landscape? and (painting? or photography) and (picturesque or sublime)

Use quotes around a multi-word phrase or concept:

"imaginative geographies"

landscape? and (painting? or photography) and "political aspects"

"landscape photography" and exhibition? [e.g. combine with format term]

Limit large result sets by library location or by using "not":

ecology (limit to Art Collection)

photography and landscape and 19th not (video? or electronic)

From your results, select useful titles and click on the subjects assigned to find other books on your topic.

Useful subject headings to search

Subject headings allow you to locate resources on a particular topic or artist/person with specific results. Search a person as a Subject by last name first initial: e.g. burtynsky e

If you are unsure of the correct subject heading(s) for your topic, do a Keyword Boolean search first, as above, then re-search using the subject headings you find in your results for more materials on the same topic.

Some useful headings for this course (caps, brackets and dashes not necessary):


Arcadia in art
Art--political aspects
Earthworks (Art)
Ecology in art
Environment (Aesthetics)
Environment (Art)
Environmentalism--Social aspects
Landscape painting
Landscape photography
Landscapes--Social aspects
Landscapes in art
Nature (Aesthetics)
Nature--Effect of human beings on
Nature in art
Photography, Industrial
Street art
Sublime, The, in art

Useful books