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Certificate in Law: Intro to Basic Legal Concepts

This guide was designed for students in the Queen's Certificate in Law program.

Legal Citation

The standard legal citation style in Canada is laid out in the Canadian Guide to Uniform Legal Citation (often called the McGill Guide). 

Remember! Before diving too far into learning this new citation style, check your course website, syllabus, or other course materials to determine whether your instructor requires you to cite according to this style or using a different style like APA, MLA, or Chicago Style. 


Since this style can be quite complex, the Library has created a simplified citation guide to help students learn the basic elements of the style:

The Library has also created an interactive tutorial to help students learn this style. The tutorial was created for JD students, so keep in mind that your own citation needs may not be as complex as the examples included in the tutorial:

The McGill Guide online

To clarify any points, and for further details, please consult the McGill Guide itself.