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Book Reviews

Canadian Indexes

Print holdings: 1975 - 2006: Check Omni
Includes full text of brief reviews. "CBRA is an evaluative guide to Canadian-authored, Canadian-published, English-language publications. The reviews, which are between 200 words, are written by subject specialists..."
CBCA provides access to reviews on both Canadian and international books.
Type words from the title of the book, followed by and book reviews. Or, under Document type, choose Review.
Starting in 2002, the National Post and Globe and Mail are the only newspapers indexed.
Database of Canada's regional and national newspapers and other news sources.
Print holdings: 1920 - 1998: Check Omni
Provides access to book reviews in Canadian periodicals, mainly popular press magazines and newspapers. Online, search book review and title or author of book. In print, they are arranged alphabetically by author under heading Book reviews in main section.
Index to Saturday Night, the First Fifty Years
REF AP5.S19 (1887-1937)
Citations to book reviews are listed alphabetically by author under the heading Book Reviews.
Livres et auteurs québécois
PS9001.L5 (1961-82) SL - Compact
French equivalent to Canadian Book Review Annual. For titles published after 1983, see Point de repère.
Citations to book reviews are listed under the heading Livres - Comptes rendus. This is a continuation of Periodex and Radar (REF F5400.R3, 1973-1983) and Point de repère (REF AI7.P64t, 1984-1993).