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Electrical & Computer Engineering


Knovel is an extensive, searchable online library of full-text content from many different publishers, including reference handbooks, conference proceedings and databases, delivering trusted, accessible and relevant answers and insights to accelerate foundational engineering knowledge, build expertise in various subjects, prepare for career in Engineering.

Knovel also provides tools to bring this content into your workflow, with tables and graphs that allow users to manipulate, analyze, and export data—and an extensive unit conversion tool.

A  handbook provides basic information about a certain subject or topic. It usually contains numerical tables or other calculations which are essential information for engineers in any field. A printable PDF Quick Guide to Knovel is available here or watch this video here (more tutorials on Knovel website for advanced features)

Knovel home page provides different option to start your research so you can search free text, title, author, material, or property 

The search results give you different options as shown here

Knovel provides interactive tools such as equations and graphs that can be useful for many designs or experiments. Click on the equations tab to browse for ready to use equations