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CIVL 460: Civil Engineering Design


Regulations, Guidelines, and Environmental Assessments

  • Municipal by-laws: for most municipal jurisdictions find by-laws and regulations at the municipal web site, for example the City of Kingston website includes the city property standard

Federal Regulations

  • Use CanLII for federal and provincial legislation and regulations.

Ontario Regulations

Ontario Statutes and Regulations

Ministry of Transportation (MTO) - Drainage Manual

Enter "drainage manual" in the search box to locate all the documents associated with the manual.

Ministry of Environment, Conservation, and Parks - Stormwater Management Design Manual

You can also download a PDF copy of the manual at this link:

Ontario Building Code

This is a non-government website that includes the 2017 Ontario building code for reference.

Ontario e-Laws

e-Laws provides access to official copies of Ontario's statutes and regulations. An official copy of a statute or regulation is an accurate statement of the law unless otherwise proved. e-Laws is updated continually. New source law is usually published on e-Laws within two business days. The currency of each consolidated law on e-Laws is shown at the beginning of that law.