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CIVL 460: Civil Engineering Design


Regulations, Guidelines, and Environmental Assessments

  • Municipal by-laws: for most municipal jurisdictions find by-laws and regulations at the municipal web site, for example the City of Kingston website includes the city property standard

Federal Regulations

  • Use CanLII for federal and provincial legislation and regulations.

Ontario Regulations

Ontario Statutes and Regulations

Ontario e-Laws

e-Laws provides access to official copies of Ontario's statutes and regulations. An official copy of a statute or regulation is an accurate statement of the law unless otherwise proved. e-Laws is updated continually. New source law is usually published on e-Laws within two business days. The currency of each consolidated law on e-Laws is shown at the beginning of that law.

Please note:

A new version of e-Laws is now in beta and available for user testing at

The new version offers: Easier navigation between related documents (e.g., statutes and regulations, consolidated law and source law, current versions and previous versions) and simplified search and browse functions for each law category (e.g., current consolidated law, source law, repealed, revoked and spent law, and period in time laws.