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CIVL 460: Civil Engineering Design

Canadian Standards Association (CSA)

CSA is the largest standards development organization (SDO) in Canada and is accredited in Canada and the U.S. to develop standards in a wide range of subject areas.

Examples of CSA Standards

Basic Engineering

Basic engineering principles in metrics, selection and use of preferred numbers, and numeric dates and times.

Building Products

Asphalt building products such as shingles, glass, and roofing, as well as standards and specifications for windows, doors, skylights and their energy performance.

Building Systems

Certification for manufacturers of steel buildings as well as the standard and check sheets for building commissioning.


Concrete building materials, methods of concrete construction, qualification code for concrete testing, and evaluation and management of concrete structures.

Factory Built Buildings (Including Mobile Homes)

Certification of buildings as well recreation vehicles, trailers, manufactured homes and site preparation.


Specifications for the design of industrial structures including but not limited to bridges, offshore structures, parking structures, ferries, antennas and towers.

CSA Online Technical Requirements

FileOpen Plug-in

If you're using your personal computer/laptop, please make sure that the FileOpen Plug-in for Adobe Acrobat/Reader is installed. You can download it from

If you experience problems after upgrading to Adobe XI and reinstalling FileOpen, following these steps:

  1. Run the removal tool from the FileOpen site:
  2. Next install via the .exe, and preferably the 0926 version, which is available at

Recommended Browser

Please use Internet Explorer to access the CSA database. Other browsers may work, but not consistently.

Database Speed

The database is very slow compared to other databases. When you open a PDF document, please wait untill the document is fully loaded and opened.