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Reading Michael Ondaatje

Search for a Bibliography?

You may find that some has already compiled a bibliography on your chosen topic. 

Bibliographies list and sometimes describe the key books, articles and other resources to read on a topic. However, note that bibliographies do have a date of publication and that materials written after the date of publication will have to be found by other means.

To find blbliographies on a topic in Omni, use the advanced search to look for bibliography as a subject and your topic as a keyword. 

Alternatively, you could also search the subject heading for your author or topic and then look for the subheading Bibliography.

Selected Bibliographies:

Annotated Bibliography of Canada's Major Authors
REF PS8015 .A55 1979 (8 volumes)
Published from 1979 to 1994 in eight volumes, this work provides extensive bibliographies with annotations of works by and about some of Canada’s most eminent authors. Each entry provides comprehensive coverage of works by and about the subject author, including reprints, translations, and successive editions of primary works. A very important work for the years and authors covered
Volume 6 lists Michael Ondaatje.
Contemporary Canadian Authors
REF PS8081 .C65t 1995
Bio-bibliographical guide to fiction, general non-fiction, poetry, drama.

Writing an Annotated Bibliography