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LIBS 300: The Liberal Arts in a Contemporary World

Selected Resources on Climate Change

Why Consult a Reference Resource?

Reference resources are a great place to begin your research, especially if you are unfamiliar with the subject or not sure how to approach your topic. They can give you:

  • A broad overview of the subject
  • Definitions of the topic
  • An introduction to key issues
  • Names of people who are authorities in the field
  • Major dates and events
  • Lead to bibliographies which provide additional sources of information.
There are many different types of reference sources, which include dictionaries, encyclopedias, thesauri, bibliographies, handbooks, style manuals to name a few.

Selected Reference Resources

Featured Article

    Oxford University Press building. Photo by Fractal Angel, July 2007.

Oxford research encyclopedias:
Climate Science

The essay, Climate Change and Migration, examines the main features of the debate and presents a discussion on this topic since the 1980s.