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FILM 300: Hollywood: the Dream Factory

Why Use an Index?

Use an article index to find journal articles on your topic, as well as film criticism and other materials related to film and media studies.

Some will contain the full text of journals and those that don't usually provide links to the full text if it is available via other databases in our collection.

Evaluate Articles

Articles are important in your research as they contain the most-up-to-date research in a given field and often focus on a particular aspect of a topic.

But not all journal articles will be useful for your essay so you will need to evaluate before you use them. 

Consult our guide, Distinguishing Scholarly from Non Scholarly Periodicals, to discover the difference.

Key Journal Indexes

American Film Institute Catalog
The AFI Catalog lists films, with plot summaries, filmographic information, and more ...
Film and Television Literature Index
Online counterpart of Film Literature Index.
Retrospective Index to Film Periodicals, 1930-1971
REF Z5784.M9B39
Includes contents of fourteen film journals, plus the film reviews and articles from the Village Voice.

Key History Indexes

History of the United States and Canada from pre-historic times to the present.
Comprehensive index to scholarly literature on world history from 1450 to present (excluding the U.S. and Canada).

Other Relevant Databases

A multi-disciplinary database which provides indexing (with abstracts) to peer-reviewed journals, conference proceedings, monographs and reports.


Canadian Periodicals (CPI.Q) Canadian resource
Print holdings: 1920 - 1998: Check QCAT
Information about Canadian films, actors, actresses, directors and other people in the film industry.

The Critical Index: A Bibliography of Articles on Film in English, 1946-1973
REF Z5784.M9.G47
Indexes articles from over 20 American, British, and Canadian journals on directors, producers, actors, critics, screenwriters, cinematographers, specific films and the history of the film industry.
Periodicals Archive Online
Indexes international scholarly literature of the humanities and social sciences disciplines from 1802 to 1995.

Readers' Guide
REF AI3.R2 from 1900-2006 (Readers' Guide to Periodical Literature)

Vogue Archive
The Vogue Archive is a primary source for the study of fashion, gender, and modern social history from 1892 to present day


New York Times
1851 to four years ago

Los Angles Times
1881 to 1989

Globe and Mail
1844 to four years ago

Toronto Star
1894 to three years ago

Chicago Defender

Chicago Tribune

Washington Post


Print: AP2 .L72   (1936-1972)
Microfilm: AP2  .L72 (1936-1950)

Print: AP5 .M16

Microfilm: AP2 .N6772 (1947-June 2014)

Microfilm AP2 .T37  (1923-June 2014)
Print: AP2 .T37 (1948-1965 - issues missing)

Illustrated London News Archive 1842-2003

Microfilm: PN2000 .V3 (1905 - 2014)