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PROF 210 Library Guide

This guide will assist you in finding journal articles in Education Source, Academic Source Complete and Google Scholar

Education Source

Education Source

In the example above I allow the database to provide suggested language after I typed in Indigenous, I put an asterisk on the end of support to allow for possible suffixes, then I use the facet options, below, to limit to full text, scholarly, and dates.

These 130+ results are enough you could get a strong collection of papers, but maybe too long to ensure most are prominently about your keywords. On your first search it is advisable not to over determine your search resulting in a null result set.

You can further limit your search by raising the keywords importance to the content of the paper by using the ‘select a field’ drop down. If I force my keywords indigenous…, support and Canada… into the abstract, I can be sure each of these aspects are central to the thesis.

Now, I have 36 results. It takes a bit of time to think about the best keywords, enter them in the database using the search features provided to your advantage, and add operators like the asterisk to get a robust search.