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HIST 258 : History of Slavery in North America

Primary Sources

Primary sources are first-hand accounts, in a range of formats. Some examples include:

  • Memoirs, diaries, letters, interviews and other first-person accounts
  • Official publications, government documents, court reports and police records
  • Newspaper and magazine articles from the period under study
  • Paintings or photographs
  • Film and television programs
  • Print and television advertising
  • Music recordings

The format will vary from topic to topic. It may be a diary, correspondence, newspaper accounts, a painting, etc. from the period of study, as well as electronic, microfilm, and printed collections of these documents published at a later date.


For more information, check the Primary Sources guide.

Trial Database

Slavery And Anti-Slavery Digital Archive

A historical archive of several million cross-searchable pages of books, serials, supreme court records and briefs, and key manuscript collections from the United States, Great Britain, and France concerning debates of slavery and abolition, the Transatlantic Slave Trade, the Institution of Slavery, and the Age of Emancipation.

We have access to this database until February 9th.