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Course Reserves

This guide gives you step-by-step instructions in setting up your resource lists in Course Reserves through OnQ.

Video Disclaimer

As many of the videos are created by the company that created the Course Reserves Platform (Leganto), some the terminology used will not match up with what these products and services are named at Queen's. The legend is:

  • Leganto = Course Reserves
  • Alma = Omni (Library Search)

Note: These videos use the 2020 out-of-the-box configurations from Leganto. There may be some minor differences between the interface and fuctionality of Course Reserves at Queen's and the content in the videos. 

Connect your OnQ course to Course Reserves


If you have created your OnQ course after November 21, 2021 using a course template in CCT+, the link to course reserves is automatically included in the content section of your course. To access, select the Course Reserves module and click on the Course Reserves link to get started. This section is hidden by default. "Un-hide" this section by clicking on the visibility icon Eye Visibility Icon from OnQ in the top right of the module.  Your students will not be able to access your list until it is visible.

You can also add Course Reserves to any module:

  1. Login to your course in onQ

  1. Click Content on the navigation bar. 

  1. Select or create a module to add the Course Reserves link. 

  1. Click the Existing Activities dropdown.  

  1. Click External Learning Tools

  1. Click Course Reserves and select "Create a new reading list from scratch". For more information, see the "create a list" video below.

Here is a quick video of these six steps:

Now you can start adding items. To do this, you have 3 options:

  • If you have used eReserves (Ares) before for this course.  Send your reading list and course code to and highlight anything that’s new or removed.  Example ENGL 101 F21. Provide Names/NetIDs of co-instructors or TAs so that they will have access to course materials.
  • If you have not used Course Reserves before for this course, and you would like to have the library add items for you. Send your reading list and course code to  Provide Names/NetIDs of co-instructors or TAs so that they will have access to course materials.
  • If you would like to add items yourself. If you need help adding readings, consult the videos below or use the guided tours from the top right menu bar. When finished, click Library Review to send your list to the library for processing. 

Guided tours menu in Course Reservess

Create a list

Please select "Create a new reading list from scratch" instead of "Upload a document containing an existing reading list". This will make sure that you will be able to use all the features in Course Reserves.

Use the Cite It! widget to add citations from websites

Adding resources from the library

Adding your own resources to a list

Editing a resource list

Publishing your list