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Course Reserves

This guide gives you step-by-step instructions in setting up your resource lists in Course Reserves through OnQ.

Adding resources from the library

To add items that the library owns, click on the "Add Items +" button near the top right of the reading list.

Choose the "Library Search" option.

Search for the item by title, author, keyword, etc.  After searching, you can filter the results by resource type (book, chapter, article, etc.)

Click on the item you would like to add.  You can change the section you would like to add the reading to here.

Hit "Add" to add the item to the reading list.  Or hit "Add & Edit" to edit the citation before adding it to the reading list.

Items that are available electronically will be marked "Complete".  Items that are available in our physical collections will be marked "Being Prepared".  Once the library finishes working on the citation, the physical item will be marked Complete.


Use the Cite It! widget to add citations from websites

Cite It! allows you to add content from public websites directly from the website into your reading list.

To begin, you will first need to install the Cite It! bookmarklet.

Click the dropdown arrow next to your initials at the top of the Course Reserves screen.  Click on Cite It! 

Drag and drop the Cite It! button directly onto your bookmark bar.  It is now ready for use.

To use the Cite It! function, simply click it while on the website you would like to add.  In the window that pops up, you can add additional citation information, if needed.  At the bottom of the pop-up, select the reading list and section that the citation should be added to.

Click the Add & Close button.  When you go back to your reading list, you should see the citation has been added in the section you specified.

Tip!  If you are adding a scholarly resource directly from the publisher page or from Google Scholar or similar, you may see a green flag with the text "Covered by your Library" in the Cite It! pop-up.  This means that the students will have full access to that resource, as the library subscribes to it. If you don't see this when adding a scholarly resource outside the library databases, your students may not have full access to that resource. 


Adding your own resources to a list

To add your own resources to a list, click the "Add Items +" button and choose "File" from the four options.

Either drag and drop a file into the sidebar or click to browse for a file on your computer.

The system may auto-add some citation information once the file is uploaded.  Be sure to go over this information to make sure it's correct and add any missing citation information.

At the bottom of the sidebar, choose which section of the reading list you are adding the reading to and click the "Add & Close" button.