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Course Reserves

This guide gives you step-by-step instructions in setting up your resource lists in Course Reserves through OnQ.

Reserves Coodinator

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Katelyn Couch
Joseph S. Stauffer Library
101 Union St.

(613)-533-6000 x2521

Video Disclaimer

As many of the videos are created by the company that created the Course Reserves Platform (Leganto), some the terminology used will not match up with what these products and services are named at Queen's. The legend is:

  • Leganto = Course Reserves
  • Alma = Omni (Library Search)

Note: These videos use the 2020 out-of-the-box configurations from Leganto. There may be some minor differences between the interface and fuctionality of Course Reserves at Queen's and the content in the videos. 

Useful Functions Explained