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Intermediate Senior Science - Grades 7-8

Lesson Plan Ideas

TVO Learn

Science North

  • Grade 7: Includes Structures & Mechanisms, Earth & Space Systems, Life Systems and Matter & Energy.  

Ontario Science Centre

Interactions in the Environment

The FNESC/FNSA Science First Peoples (5-9) Teacher Resource Guide provides educators with resources to support the integration of the rich body of First Peoples (unappropriated) knowledge and perspectives into Science, and other curricular areas. 

​​​​​​​Teacher Resource Package - Interactions between the water cycle and other cycles - Includes worksheets and information sheets 

​​​​​​​Water First is guided by the Indigenous youth and young adults who participate in our programs, our Indigenous staff and board members, local Indigenous community partners, and by members of our Indigenous Advisory Council. Our collaborations are built on respect and meaningful partnerships, with Indigenous youth and community partners at the heart of our work. While we strive to meaningfully engage with many Indigenous individuals through our work, we do not identify as an Indigenous-led organization.