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FILM 388: Indigenous Film and Media


Recommended Indigenous films from Turtle Island (non exhaustive)

Nunavut and Nunavik (Inuit films)

The Igloolik Isuma Fiction Films
Atanarjuat the Fast Runner (Kunuk, 2001)

The Journals of Knud Rasmussen (Kunuk, 2005)

The Searchers (Kunuk, Ungalaq, 2017)


The Arnait Trilogy
Before Tomorrow (Cousineau, Ivalu, 2008)

Uvanga (Cousineau, Ivalu, 2014)

Restless River (Cousineau, Ivalu, 2019)

Tunniit: Retracing the Lines of Inuit Tattoos (Arnaquq-Baril, 2010)

Aviliaq: Entwined (Arnaquq-Baril, 2014)

Angry Inuk (Arnaquq-Baril, 2016)


Quebec Indigenous films

All of Alanis Obomsawin’s filmography, available on the NFB website

The Wapikoni Mobile short films, available on the Wapikoni website

Sonia Bonspille Boileau (Nish Media)

Last Call Indian, (Bonspille Boileau, 2010)

Le Dep (Bonspille-Boileau, 2015)

The Oka Legacy (Bonspille Boileau, 2015)

Rustic Oracle (Bonspille Boileau, 2019)

Rhymes for Young Ghouls (Barnaby, 2013)

Blood Quantum (Barnaby, 2019)

Caroline Monnet

Ikwe (Monnet, 2009)

Mobilize (Monnet, 2015)

Tshiuetin (Monnet, 2016)

Ceremonial (Monnet, 2018)

Bootlegger (Monnet, 2021)

Kim O’bomsawin

Quiet killing (K. O’bomsawin, 2018)

Call me Human (K. O’bomsawin, 2020)

Tracey Deer

Mohawk Girls (Deer, 2005)

Beans (Deer, 2020)

Indigenous Canadian Films

Amanda Strong (Spotted Fawn Productions)


Alice Eaton (Strong, 2008)


Honey for Sale (Strong, 2009)


Haida Raid 3: Save Our Waters (Strong, 2014)


How To Steal A Canoe (Strong, 2016)


Four Faces of the Moon (Strong, 2016)


Flood (Strong, 2017)


Biidaaban (The Dawn Comes) (Strong, 2018)

Lisa Jackson

Suckerfish (Jackson, 2004)

Reservation Soldiers (Jackson, 2007)

The Visit (Jackson, 2009)

Savage (Jackson, 2009)

Pow.Wow.Wow (Jackson, 2011)

How a People Live (Jackson, 2013)

Snare (Jackson, 2013)

Indictment: The Crimes of Shelly Chartier (Jackson, 2017) co-written and directed with Shane Belcourt.

Biidaaban: First Light (Jackson, 2018)

Elle-Maijà Tailfeathers

Bloodland (Tailfeathers, 2011)

A Red Girl’s Reasoning (Short, 2012)

The Body Remembers When the World Broke Open (2019)

Bretten Hannam

Wildfire (Hannam, 2019)

Elmiteskuatl (Hannam, 2019)

North Mountain (Hannam, 2015)

Deep End (Hannam, 2011)

Edge of the Knife (SG̲aawaay Ḵ’uuna) (Helen Haig-Brown and Gwaai Edenshaw, 2018)

Night Riders (Danis Goulet, 2021)


Recommended Aboriginal Films (Australia)

Ivan Sen

Expired (Sen, 2022)

Goldstone (Sen, 2016)

Mystery Road (Sen, 2016)

Toomelah (Sen, 2011)

Dreamland (Sen, 2010)

Beneath Clouds (Sen, 2010)

Warwick Thornton

Nana (Thornton, 2007)

Samson and Delilah (Thornton, 2009)

Art + Soul (Thornton 2010)

The Darkside (Thornton, 2013)

Words With Gods (Thornton 2014)

We Don't Need a Map (Thornton, 2017)

Sweet Country (Thornton, 2017)


Rachel Perkins

Radiance (Perkins, 1998)

One Night the Moon (Perkins, 2001)

Flat (Perkins, 2002)

Mimi (Perkins, 2002)

First Australians (Perkins, 2008)

Bran Nue Dae (Perkins, 2010)

Mabo (Perkins, 2012)

Tracey Moffatt

Night Cries: A Rural Tragedy (Moffat, 1989)

Bedevil (Moffat,1993)

Heaven (Moffat,1997)

Lip (Moffat,1999)

Artist (Moffat,2000)

Revolution (Moffat,2008)

Recommended Maori Films

Merata Mita

The Hammer and the Anvil (Mita, 1979)

Karanga Hokianga (Mita,1979)

Bastion Point: Day 507 (Mita, 1980)

Patu! (Mita, 1983)

Mauri (Mita, 1988)


Mana Waka (Mita,1990)

The Shooting of Dominick Kaiwhata (Mita,1993)

Dread (Mita, 1996)

Te Paho (Mita, 1997)

Hotere (Mita, 2001)

Saving Grace - Te Whakarauora Tangata (Mita, 2011)

Barry Barclay

The Kaipara Affair (Barclay, 2005)

The Feathers of Peace (Barclay, 2000)

Te Rua (Barclay, 1991)

Ngati (Barclay, 1987)

The Neglected Miracle (Barclay, 1985)

Aku Mahi Whatu Maori (My Art of Maori Weaving) (Barclay, 1977)

Ashes (Barclay, 1973)

Taika Waititi

Two Cars, One Night (Waititi, 2004)

Eagle vs Shark (Waititi, 2007)

Boy (Waititi, 2010)

What We Do in the Shadows (Waititi, 2014)

Hunt for the Wilderpeople (Waititi, 2016)

Thor: Ragnarok (Waititi, 2017)

Jojo Rabbit (Waititi, 2019)

Niki Caro

Memory and Desire (Caro, 1998)

Whale Rider (Caro, 2002)

North Country (Caro, 2005)

Mulan (Caro, 2020)

The Mother (Caro, 2022)

Lee Tamahori

Thunderbox (Tamahori, 1989)

Once Were Warriors (Tamahori, 1994)

Mahana (Tamahori, 2016)

Himinoa Grace

Spooked (Grace, 2004)

The Pa Boys (Grace, 2014)

 Cousins (Grace, 2021)


Recommended Sami films

Nils Gaup

Pathfinder (Gaup, 1987)

The Kautokeino Rebellion (Gaup, 2008)

Liselotte Wajstedt

The Fire (Wajstedt, 2017)

Kiruna-Rymdvägen (Wajstedt, 2013)

Sámi nieida jojk (Wajstedt, 2007)

Amanda Kernell

Paradiset (Paradise) (Kernell, 2014)

Stoerre Vaerie [sv], also Norra Storfjället (Kernell, 2015)

I Will Always Love You Kingen (Kernell, 2016)

Sami Blood (Kernell, 2016)

Charter (Kernell, 2020)


Other Sami films

Bazo (Lars Göran Petterson, 2003)

Bonki (Silja Sombi, 2014)

Sámi bojá - Sami boy (Elle Sofe Henriksen, 2015)
(Elle Marja Eira, 2015)

Me and My Little Sister (Suvi West, 2016)

Daughter of the Sun (Sara Margrethe Oska, 2018)
(Ellen-Astri Lundby, 2020)