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Using Bookmarklets for Off-Campus Access

A guide to using bookmarklets to more seamlessly access library resources off-campus

Installing the Chrome Bookmarklet

  1. Open the Google Chrome browser 

  2. Add the EZproxy Redirect bookmarklet from the Chrome web store by clicking Add to Chrome.

  3. You will receive a message asking if you would like to install it (click yes) and another asking if you want to sync it with your other devices (not mandatory). 

  4. When it is installed, click on the puzzle piece icon to the right of the address bar 

Puzzle piece on Chrome browser

  1. You will see a list of extensions. Click on the three dots beside the EZproxy Redirect extension and choose "Options"
  2. A box will appear with a list of proxies. Search for Queen's University.

  1. Highlight Queen's University and click Add. Queen's University will now appear in the "Active" box. Click Save. 
  2. When you see Options saved successfully, you can close the box.