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Using Bookmarklets for Off-Campus Access

A guide to using bookmarklets to more seamlessly access library resources off-campus

Installing the Firefox Bookmarklet

  1. Open the Firefox browser 

  2. Click on the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines) to the right of the address bar and choose Add-ons and themes.
  3. In the Find more add-ons search box search for EZproxy Redirect. Choose EZproxy Redirect Foxified. Click on the result and a new page will open.
  4. Click Add to Firefox. Click Add again when the pop-up box appears. 
  5. A message will appear letting you know the extension was added. If you regularly use Private Browsing or Incognito mode in Firefox click the checkbox beside "Allow this extension to run in Private Windows." 
  6. Click Okay. 
  7. You will see a graduation cap icon to the right of the address bar. 

Bookmarklet on address bar

  1. Right click on the graduation cap icon and choose "Manage extension." A new page will open in your browser
  2. Click on Options, and then select Queen's University from the drop-down menu. 

  1. Click Save.