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Canadian Studies


Consult bibliographies to find a comprehensive list of sources on a specific topic or a selective list of key works on a topic. To find out what bibliographies the Library has, do a subject search in Omni.
Canada--Foreign relations--1945-  Bibliography                      
Bibliographia Canadiana
REF Z1382.T47
A detailed bibliography of books and articles under broad chronological subject divisions published prior to 1971. Includes subject index.
Bibliography of Canadian Bibliographies = Bibliographie des bibliographies canadiennes
REF Z1365 .A1 L6 1994 (Jordan Special Collections)
Bibliography of bibliographies.
Bibliography of Works on Canadian Foreign Relations
1945-1970 REF Z6465.C2P33
1971-1975 REF Z6465.C2B35 1977t
1976-1980 REF Z6465.C2B36 1982t
1981-1985 REF Z6465.C2B37 1987
1986-1990 REF Z6465.C2B38 1994t
1991-1995 REF Z6465.C2B39 1998t
Includes articles, theses, government documents and conference papers. Organized by broad subject area, with name and subject indexes.
REF Z1365.I53 1990t
Comprised of annotated entries on works dealing with Canadian history, geography, economy, politics, its people , culture, customs, religion and more...
contains references to some 500 recently published titles selected to reflect those books most useful in building a core Canadiana collection that covers a broad range of subject areas.  The database includes literary criticism. Literary works are not included.
Includes reference sources of all types, in various formats, about Canada.
Canadian Reference Sources: a Selective Guide
REF Z1365.R8 1981
5 sections: general reference works, history, humanities, science, and social sciences.
Canadian Studies: A Guide to the Sources
REF Z1385.M65 1992t plus Suppl.001(1996) and Suppl.002(1997)
Bibliography of articles, journals and websites about Canada; compiled by John Blackwell and Laurie Stanley-Blackwell.
Canadian Studies: Foreign Publications and Theses
Contains references to books, serials and theses which deal with Canada or Canadians. Produced outside Canada, primarily since 1980. Published by the International Council for Canadian Studies and organized into 12 broad subject categories.
Since 1950, "Canadiana lists and describes a wide variety of publications produced in Canada, or published elsewhere but of special interest or significance to Canada. These include books, periodicals, sound recordings, and more.... "
Contains over 8,000 titles of books, serials and theses produced outside Canada and dealing in whole or in part with Canada, including:
  • Database of “Foreign Canadiana” compiles Canadian Studies titles published outside of Canada from 1990-
    Includes Canada: A Reader’s Guide , 2nd edition (2000) by J. André Senécal, an annotated bibliography divided in 15 thematic sections and two indices.
  • Database of “Core Canadiana” aims to provide foreign scholars with guidance in the development of Canadian Studies collections covering a variety of disciplines, currently in print, and published since 2000- .
Consult the Canadian History Bibliographies subject guide for general and regional historical bibliographies.