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European History


Chronology of World History
REF D11.M39 1999
Four volume set, covers historical events from 3000 B.C. through 1998. Each year is arranged in four categories (Politics, Government and Economics; Science, Technology and Medicine; Arts and Ideas; and Society), each of which is Subdivided (Arts and Ideas into Architecture, Arts, Film, Literature, Music, Theatre and Dance, thought and Scholarship).
Encyclopedia of World Facts and Dates
REF D20.C36 1993
Arranged chronologically, providing information for each period in Standardized subject areas (demographics, disasters, politics, religion, science, society, arts, sports, etc.). Covers pre-human history to 1992.
Rulers and Governments of the World
REF D11.5 .R67 1977
Three-volume set, lists the important rulers of "territories, ecclesiastical sees, dynasties and hordes". Contents:
v.1 Earliest times to 1491
v.2 1492 to 1929
v.3 1930 to 1975
Timelines of History
Education REF D11 .T535 2005 (10 volumes)
Timetables of History: a Horizontal Linkage of People and Events
D11.G78 1982