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German Studies

Book Reviews

  1. Book reviews can be found in databases such as MLA International Bibliography.
  2. Book reviews can also be found in the following journals located in Stauffer Library (Bound Journals/Current Periodicals) or online:     
  • Arbitrium, PT1141 .A2 A7 (1983 - 2011)
  • The German Quarterly, microfilm PF3001 .G37 (1928 - 1958); online (1928 - current)
  • German Studies Review, DD1 .G382 (1983 - 2015); online (1978 - current)
  • Germanisch-Romanische Monatsschrift, PB3 .G3 (1909 - current)
  • Zeitschrift für Deutsche Philologie, PF3003 .Z4 (1869 - 2018); online (2002 - current)

     There are also free online reviews such as Perlentaucher - Online Kulturmagazin mit Presseschauen, Rezension, Autorenliste, Feuilleton

        3. See also the general guide: Finding Book Reviews

Literary Criticism

Critical articles can be located using the indexes outlined in Article Indexes. Search Omni with your author as subject to locate books about a person. If there are many to choose from, prefer those with the subject "Criticism and interpretation". Also look for books that analyse a single work by looking for the title of the work in the subject headings. There are also many books that provide full-length critical essays or excerpts of criticism on an author or work.
The excerpts include source information so the original articles can be located. A selected list from the Reference Collection follows.
Der Brockhaus Literatur: Schriftsteller, Werke, Epochen, Sachbegriffe
PN44.5 B76 2004
Classical and Medieval Literature Criticism
REF PN681.5 .C57
Excerpts of criticism on works of world authors from classical antiquity to the end of the 14th century including first appraisals and current evaluations.
Contemporary Literary Criticism
REF PN771 .C59
Available online
Excerpts of criticism on world authors who are living and those who died after Dec. 31 1959.
Literary Criticism Index
REF Z6511 .W44 1984
To identify sources of literary criticism in books and bibliographies. Arranged by author and then by title of work.
Literature Criticism from 1400 to 1800
Compact Shelving PN86 .L53 1984
Excerpts of criticism on 15th - 18th century world authors in 28 volumes.
A New History of German Literature
PT91 .N49 2004
Postmoderne und postkoloniale deutschsprachige Literatur : Diskurs, Analyse, Kritik
PT405 .L88 2005
Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism
REF PN771 .G27