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HIST 315: Modern Latin American History

Modern Latin American History

Search Omni

You can locate items in the library by searching Omni by keyword or subject heading.

Keyword Search

Think of the words that best describe your topic and then connect them with the boolean operators AND OR NOT and then add one of the special subject terms to your search:

  • correspondence
  • diaries
  • interviews
  • pamphlets
  • personal narratives
  • sources
  • speeches

For example:

        mexico AND revolution AND sources

Subject Heading Search

In Advanced Search, type in subject heading and then add subject sub-heading.

         Cuba History Revolution 1959 Personal Narratives
         Latin America History Sources

         Latin America History 20th century Sources
         Mexico History Revolution 1910 1920 Sources
         Revolutionaries Mexico Chiapas Correspondence

Historical Figures...

If you know of a person involved in the event or from the time period, search the person's name as an author (or subject) for memoirs, diaries, and correspondence.

For example, in Advanced Search, type:

Author/Creator is (exact)  Castro Fidel
Subject is (exact) Castro Fidel 

Author/Creator is (exact) Guevara Che
Subject is (exact) Guevera Che