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British History


Consult biographical dictionaries to get brief information about people, dates and events.
Biographical Dictionary of British Prime Ministers
"A wide-ranging, comprehensive guide to the political lives of Britain's prime ministers from Sir Robert Walpole to Tony Blair."
"Each entry contains
  • brief biographical information outlining career history and significant dates and events
  • a brief summary of the significance and peculiarities of each prime minister followed by a more descriptive and interpretative account of his or her political life and impact on British politics
  • references and further reading."
"Provides a complete overview of the lives and influence of fifty major figures in modern British political history."
Oxford Reference Online. Presents English, Scottish, Welsh, and Irish monarchs, from mythical and Romano-British rulers to the House of Windsor.
Revised edition of the Dictionary of National Biography. Print covers from the earliest times to the year 2000 (60 volumes). Online covers from earliest times to 2004.
Who Was Who
REF DA28.W63
Seven volumes (dates are from 1897 to 1980). Companion to Who's Who which has "authoritative biographies of distinguished living Britons".
Who's Who in Early Hanoverian Britain, 1714-1789
REF DA483.A1T74 1992
Who's Who in Late Hanoverian Britain, 1789-1837
REF DA522.A1T74 2002
Who's Who in Early Medieval England, 1066-1272
REF DA177.T94 2001
Who's Who in Late Medieval England, 1272-1485
REF DA28.W62t vol. 3
Who's Who in Roman Britain and Anglo-Saxon England
REF DA28.W62t vol. 1
Who's Who in Stuart Britain, 1603-1714
REF DA337.H55 2002c
Who's Who in Tudor England
REF DA317.R68 2001
Who's Who in Victorian Britain
REF DA562.E45 2001

The Oxford Dictionary of National Biography is the national record of men and women who have shaped British history and culture, worldwide, from the Romans to the 21st century.

The Dictionary offers concise, up-to-date biographies written by named, specialist authors and is updated annually three times.