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Industrial Relations

A guide to resources with an aim to support graduate students intersted in the multidisciplinary field of Industrial Relations.

Canada Federal

Employment & Social Development Canada. Labour Program 

Collective Bargaining Information –  benefits and working conditions; expiries and reopeners; settlement summaries; wage adjustments; work stoppages (strikes and lock-outs); innovative workplace practices; key negotiations and union membership.

Negotech - A searchable repository,  provides access to the full text of collective agreements, benefit changes and latest wage adjustments.

Acts and Regulations

Publications and Reports

Canada Provinces

Collective Agreements e-Library Portal. (Ontario Ministry of Labour)
Public and private sector collective agreements in Ontario.
Search by Employer, Union, Location, etc
..."an independent, quasi-judicial tribunal mandated to mediate and adjudicate a variety of employment and labour relations-related matters under a number of Ontario statutes."


European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions 

tripartite EU agency providing knowledge to assist in the deveopment of social and work-related policies


International Labour Organization (ILO)

The only tripartite U.N. agency, since 1919 the ILO brings together governments, employers and workers representatives of 187 member States , to set labour standards, develop policies and devise programmes promoting decent work for all women and men.


Ontario Changing Workplaces Review

The Ministry of Labour's current review of workplace trends to inform amendments to the Labour Relations Act, 1995 and Employment Standards Act, 2000

Text of the academic research projects and public submissions are available via University of Toronto's Industrial Relations and HR Library website.


The Canada–U.S. gap in women’s labour market participation

Statistics Canada August 2016


Ontario: Final report and recommendations of the Gender Wage Gap Strategy Steering Committee

Based on public consultations, recommendations to government on how to close Ontario's gender wage gap.