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PHIL 275: Thinking Gender, Sex and Love

A guide to recommended resources for students conducting research in PHIL 275.

Omni Help

Detailed information about how to search Omni is available in the Omni Search Tips guide.

For an overview of Omni, check this guide.

Finding Books

Search Omni to find books and journal articles (and other materials) owned by the Library.  You may search by keywords, author, title or subject headings. 

Keyword Searching

Perform a keyword search on your topic to discover what books and journal articles are available at Queen's library. For example,

The Boolean operator "AND" is assumed between each word, so you do not need to add it.

You can then use the filters in Omni to refine your search results, by format (eg. books & ebooks, journal articles, etc). The filters are located along the left hand side of the search results screen:

filters in Omni

To limit your search to ebooks only, in the Filters list, under Availability, select Available Online and under Resource Type, select Books & eBooks. Please note that this will exclude online books we have available via the HathiTrust Emergency Temporary Access Service, so you might want to only apply these filters after examining your search results.


To limit your search results to peer reviewed journal articles, under Availability, select Peer-reviewed journals and under Resource Type, select Articles


You can also narrow your search results by selecting relevant subject terms in the Subject Filter.



Omni Search Tips

What is Omni?

Omni is the library search tool used to find items in Queen's Libraries and our partner libraries, as well to access articles and other electronic resources.

When should I search Omni?

  • You are starting your research and want to assess the resources available on your topic
  • You want to find resources in a variety of formats (i.e. books and articles)
  • You are searching for articles on an interdisciplinary topic, where information could be found in various databases
  • You are looking for an exact known item
  • A comprehensive article search is not required

When should I search specific databases?

Omni includes content from the various research databases to which QUL subscribes but not everything is included. If you are looking for information on a very specific topic, or a topic that is subject specific, it is recommended that you search databases that specialize in that subject area for more thorough results. The recommended databases for Philosophy are listed on this guide, in the Articles section.