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Primary Junior Arts: Drama

A guide to resources that support the teaching and learning of drama, Grades 1 to 6.

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Drama Resources for Grade 1-6 Teachers

what works logo The Queen's University Education Library supports educators working to engage students through the arts. We encourage you to use our resources to bring the arts into your classroom.  This Drama resource guide takes inspiration from one of the research reports in Ontario's What Works? Research into Practice series:  Engaging Students Through the Arts.

This guide offers teachers starting points for developing units that focus on teaching drama in Grade 1 to 6 classrooms. Recommended children's books, multimedia, and teacher resources to support the learning of drama are included.

Where you will find our resources:

Floor 1, Main Room:  K-6 student textbooks with accompanying teacher guides; children's fiction and information books

Floor 1 , Teacher Resource Room:  Hands-on resources:  kits, posters, big books, puppets, DVDs, audiobooks, 

Floor 2:  Professional resources for teachers, including lesson plans, instructional strategies, and more.

Floor 3:  More professional resources for teachers.

More Online:  ebooks for children & teachers, video from at the CBC, Campus at the NFB, On-Core, Learn360, and more.

Ministry of Education Support

The Ontario Curriculum Exemplars: Grades 3, 6, and 8. The Arts: Drama and Dance. These samples of student work are also a helpful resource bank of ideas for teachers.

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