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Primary Junior Environmental Education

Supporting the Environmental Education Concentration.

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Recommended for Grades 4 to 6

Environmental Education in the Grade K-6 Classroom

"Since trash is a concrete example of pollution, something that students can easily see and relate to, it is an excellent starting point to learn about pollution of any kind."

-- from: Talking Trash: A human problem with human solutions (2020), On how early learning about trash pollution was a gateway for students to start thinking about how to reduce their environmental impact.

 Wisbrock, Reynolds, E., Mertins, J., Schultz, A., Hoellein, T., & Smetana, L. (2020). TALKING TRASH: A human problem with human solutions. Science and Children, 57(8), 29–35.

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The Ontario Curriculum Grades 1-8 & The Kindergarten Program
Environmental Education: Scope and Sequence of Expectations (2017)
ONLINE and IN PRINT on Floor 1, Ministry of Education Collection, GE 70.O673 2017

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